Benefits of Living in Military Housing

March 22, 2018

There are lots of benefits of living in military housing, whether you're a family of five or a single person looking for a smaller home. From easier payment options to a true community feel, here are just a few of the best reasons why military housing may be right for you.

  • There are no credit checks or deposits. Unlike civilian housing, which requires time consuming, difficult credit checks and expensive deposits, military housing skips these steps for members of the military.
  • There are community events. If you're looking for a true communal feel and a way to make friends with your neighbors, you'll love military housing. Lincoln Military Housing offers things like support services, homecoming events, seasonal parties, summer activities for the kids, and other events and community programs.
  • Your rent is included. With so many military programs that allow for rent coverage, you won't have to worry about paying out of pocket for military housing. Rental costs can be conveniently paid through the allotment system (which includes up to $10,000 in Personal Property Contents Coverage), and your utilities are included, too.
  • You'll be close to base. One of the main perks of life in military housing is how convenient it will become to get to base. Cut down on travel time and get home quicker at the end of a long day.

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