What You Need to Know About Applying to Military Housing

February 20, 2018

Are you or is someone you know thinking about applying for military housing? You'll want to make sure that you do everything the right way in order to make the process easy and seamless, so here are some simple tips for applying to a Lincoln Military unit.

  • There are endless reasons why members of the military would want to apply for military housing. These include: no credit checks or deposits, average utility usage included in your rent, free community events, and care-free maintenance.
  • To apply for housing, you'll need these important documents:
    • Housing application cover sheet
    • Housing application form, DD1746
    • Current orders
    • Copy of your page 2, DD93, or DD1172 (Army)
    • Government issued ID for all applicants over 18
  • If you or your partner is pregnant, you'll need a medical pregnancy statement supplied by a physician. The term of pregnancy to qualify for a larger home varies from Installation to Installation.
  • If you share custody of dependent children, you must provide proof of legal custody (final decree documents) stating that you are entitled to custody for at least 6 consecutive months a year in order to have dependents considered for eligibility.
  • You may need these documents as well:
    • DA 31 (Army)
    • Live-in aid (approval by the HA)
    • Power of Attorney
    • Exceptional Family Member paperwork
    • Current End of Month LES

For more info about life at Lincoln Military Housing, visit the website.

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